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Study says firefighters more often injured during exercise

For firefighters in Columbus, Ohio, this news may be no surprise. But to people who are not firefighters, a new study presents some interesting information. Known throughout the workforce as one of the most likely professions to receive an occupational injury, injured firefighters often have the chance to receive workers' compensation.

Firefighter receives workers' compensation for exercise injury

Many jobs have guidelines requiring that employees stay physically fit while they are working. Professional athletes need to stay in shape during the off-seasons. Construction workers need to stay strong enough to lift heavy materials. Police officers and firefighters in Ohio need to remain in-shape, so they do not get injured while they are fighting crime or fighting fires.

Firefighters Remember Construction Accident

Three firefighters remember vividly the day their lives changed. Firefighters daily respond to reports of possible gas leaks at various locations, and October 31, 2008 began no differently than any other. Everything changed for the three firefighters when a construction worker entered the Hilltop fire station. He had suspected that a gas pipe had been punctured at the construction site he was working on.

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