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International Rare Disease Day is February 28

Many diseases are common and strike tens of millions of people; the common cold and the flu are among the most prevalent. At the other end of the spectrum are rare diseases, a disease so unusual that if you suffer from one of them and you are asked what is wrong, invariably, you receive a blank stare. If you are left disabled by the condition, you may face a difficult challenge when applying for benefits, like Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).

VA faced with challenges for its disability program

Disability programs are difficult to administer, as we have discussed before. While some disabling conditions are more or less self evident, as with those conditions that Social Security includes within its Compassionate Allowances characterizations, many cases are fact-specific.

Is SSDI definition of disability "looser" or more accurate?

The recent unemployment numbers from October were criticized as not being accurate, because they fail to account for SSDI recipients. Workers who receive SSDI have to have been found unable to work and "disabled" by SSA, but critics claim that more workers are using SSDI in place of unemployment benefits.

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